30 wears.

After following and appreciating @dreams.of.a.magpie for a long time and I bloody love how informative her posts are and how passionate she is about reducing and reusing her own clothes so she’s inspired me to start reading into it too and now that I’ve started, I can’t stop.


As someone with two environmental based degrees, I should have known better and it feels almost foolish saying I can’t even believe how bad fast fashion is and definitely realising I need to change my own habits and stop being so wasteful when it comes to clothes.

All the stats I’m finding are basing things on people on average owning 107 items of clothing and and then not wearing around 20% of those, and then it hits me, even if I’m being moderate with my estimate on how many clothes I own we are probably getting to the 300 items at least mark. Easily. One of the main fast fashion issues is we buy things cheap, wear them once or twice and then buy something else, I know that I’m guilty of it. So, further researching this I got into the 30 wear challenge.


A challenge decided to try to get you to think about your buying habits and if you REALLY need the item you want. This is where I start to get major guilt over how much I have bought over the past… 5 years? If we take my 300 clothing items and times it buy 30 we get 9000. If I’m going to re-wear each thing that I own 30 times I have 9000 days of clothes. THAT’S 24.6 YEARS!!! That’s absolutely ridiculous, I’d be approaching my 55th birthday by that time.

Now, do all of my clothes fit me? Absolutely not. I don’t have a whole lot of things I actively dislike anymore, my clothes have become such a big part of how I view myself and interests and simply, they make me happy, that I don’t think I have many things I could get rid of without missing at a later date (oh god, am I a hoarder?!) but that’s where my new love of sewing comes in to. I CAN SEW NOW. I can adjust clothes that I love but can’t bare to part with and make them into something that does fit, that I can wear, and then hopefully wear it 30 times!! It’s a timely process, and a massive learning curve, but I love it and enjoy sewing so why wouldn’t I?!

I already have a couple of dresses springing to mind that might be long sleeves which are too tight or have a skirt that isn’t quite the length I like to wear – I can fix that! I also have a couple over things that have ripped while I’ve wearing them that I’ve sort of just, thrown on the floor and not thought about again. I CAN FIX THOSE BACK UP TOO. Over Christmas I managed to alter a skirt that I had bought years before into a skirt that actually fit me by taking away the excess material that was sewn around the pockets, it’s been sitting in my wardrobe for years and I’ve worn it 3 times since altering because I’m so proud of the fact that I’ve managed to do that, so I can definitely do that again.

Here’s the skirt!

sooooooooo here’s a little #30wears Instagram challenge that I’m excited to get into. I don’t share my outfits every day at the moment but I thought if I started to count the number of times that I have worn something going forward then this will stick with me for longer, and hopefully I’ll get into the habit of it too!

One of the main things that the majority of avoiding fast fashion advice blogs seem to all say is think about the quality of the item too. Is it even going to last 30 wears?! Since sewing, me and Lottie have an almost daily conversation about how shocking the quality of something we own or have seen out and about it, this again is contributing to the fact that I would rather pour hours and love into making my own garments rather than spend that money on something that, now that I can sew, is shoddy at best! It’s actually really sad seeing a £60-odd dress with unfinished seams and raw edges, like, I’ve made 3 dresses and a handful of skirts so far and even I know that’s a no-no! 😦 I also really like that this isnt a DONT YOU DARE BUY NEW THINGS EVER sort of thing, it’s a heeeeeyyyy are you going to wear this enough to justify the purchase? Which is definitely the sort of mindset I want to get myself into both for environmental reasons but money ones too!

And that’s pretty much where I am with it all so far. I’m looking forward to researching more things that will lead to me making more little changes in my life and just being more mindful of the environment and DEFINITELY shopping in my own wardrobe and working with what I already have rather than buying things for the sake of it for a little while (cough 24 years).

Official wear #1 of this Ella dress today! #30wears

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