A little mouse

I mentioned before that I’m at my happiest when I’m creating so when Bek Bek Makes had a massive sale on her UV resin starter kits towards the end of last year I HAD to buy one. I opted for the woodland animals kit which includes a hedgehog, acorns and cute little mousey in some leaves.

I was saving the kit to make it during my annual leave and finallyyyy the time came yesterday. In the kits you get everything that you need, including a UV torch to set the resin. I started with the mouse as it looked like the easiest piece, no necklace holes to have to keep free and no holes to fill with resin. You do need masking tape for the acorn pin but I didn’t use any on the mouse.

For the mouse brooch you paint on the engraved wooden shape in the colours you want to do, included in the kit are 6 colours but I found I could also mix the colours quite easily to get a litttttleee more variation – I wanted my mouse to have a pinky nose and tail! Add the glitter layer if you want, cover in the resin and set with the torch. FUN.

Here’s some photos of my mouse in progress:

And heres my finished piece!! I did a little bit of glitter on the leaves, like the photo included by Bek Bek Makes because I just couldn’t resist the glitter but I loved the colours so much that I didn’t want to cover it fully. I cheated and used E6000 to stick the brooch back on because I already had some, but you can also use and cure the resin as per instructions!

I’M SO PLEASED WITH MY RESULTS. I didn’t make the other 2 pieces in the kit just yet, it was Wanda Vision watching time, but I am really looking forward to giving it a go. ISN’T HE CUTE?! The Woodland Animal kit retails at £30.00 and can be found at www.bekbek.co.uk.

They do smaller add on kits as well so now I’m already mentally planning which one I’d like next!! I think these are the more perfect Sunday afternoon craft sets, the mouse took me a couple of hours in total because I wanted to make sure the paint was properly dry each time I painted the next colour. A very fun afternoon!

And bonus fun, my Nanna left me a green glass dressing table set when she died many years ago and since getting into vintage I’ve always wondered if it miiighttt be uranium glass. My mum didn’t know where/when my Nanna would have got the set so I thought HEY I HAVE A UV TORCH NOW. I WONDER.

LOOK AT THAT GLOW. I thought I was imagining it but I sent photos to a few friends that were like YES THATS GLOWING. An even more special lil set to me now. 👽💚

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